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    Searching for the right insurance for your car can be a confusing and overwhelming. The ins and outs of insurance for cars can be complicated. If you are not familiar with the insurance industry you may not know what types of insurance exist and the limits that are required for drivers to carry in the state of Florida. Shopping for cheap Florida auto insurance can be difficult depending on your vehicle and driving history. At www.Floridaautoinsurance.info, we take the confusion out of this process to show you what you need and exactly what it will cost you. We offer the lowest rates in Florida and an easy to use quote calculator found at the bottom of this page to help you compare rates and save money. As an added convenience for you we have gathered some important information that all Florida drivers should know.

    Important Florida Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements

    Florida requires all drivers to have liability coverage. This is known as Property Damage Liability, or PDL, and the minimum required amount of coverage is $10,000 per accident. Florida is one of the only states that does not require drivers to maintain liability coverage for bodily injury from accidents that you are at fault for. However, the state recommends that drivers purchase coverage for $10,000 bodily injury per person and $20,000 total bodily injury per accident. Currently, Florida does not require Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage. However, Florida is a no-fault state which requires Personal Injury Protection, or PIP coverage, at a minimum of $10,000.

    Legally Required Coverage

    Coverage Type Most Common Minimum Required
    Property Damage Liability $50,000.00 $10,000.00
    Personal Injury Protection (PIP) $10,000.00 $10,000.00
    Optional Coverage Recommended Amount
    Bodily Injury Liability $100,000/$300,000
    Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury $10,000/$20,000
    Medical Payments $5,000.00
    Collision $500 Deductible
    Comprehensive $250 Deductible

    Florida Speed Limit Laws

    Speed limits exist to help protect all drivers on the road. Speed can have a large impact on the severity of an accident. When driving it is very important to know what the speed limit is, although sometimes it is not posted. The following speed limit laws exist in Florida. Knowing these will help you if you ever do not know what the posted speed limit is.

    Speed Limits

    Rural Interstate 70
    Urban Interstate 65
    Other Limited-Access 70
    Other Roads 65

    Learn More about Florida Auto Insurance

    Visit the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles website to obtain more information on your driver’s license, ID card requirements, and vehicle registration.


    Florida Department of Insurance


    The official Florida State Website


    Finding the Lowest Car Insurance Rates in Florida

    There are a few tips drivers can follow to get the most competitive rates for auto insurance in the state of Florida. Request the maximum deductible available on the policy, as this will likely decrease your premium. Make sure you are utilizing all discounts you are eligible for, such as safe driver, anti-theft device, and anti-lock brake discounts. Some discounts are not openly advertised or commonly known about, so be sure to ask if there are additional discounts for which you may be eligible to receive. Discounts can be stacked and can save you a substantial amount of money.

    Insurance for your car is a legal requirement in Florida. Use Floridaautoinsurancefl.info in order to find out what types of insurance you need. Find cheap car insurance quotes in Florida today by using our quote generator tool.

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