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    Average Tallahassee Auto Insurance Quotes — You can save $293 a year!

    Automobile insurance quotes in Tallahassee run an average of $1,315 per year. This is a whopping 38% cheaper than average prices for all Florida drivers but about the same for drivers in Leon County

    Factors that affect your car insurance rates in Tallahassee, Florida?

    Insurance providers use a number of items to calculate the risk and rates for insurance in different cities. Some of these factors are under your control and some are not. Of course, your driving record is one of the most important items in setting your rates. Another way to control costs is to take a driver’s education class. The make and model of the car you own is part of the rate calculations. Other elements include:

    • Location — Living in a large city means driving around more cars. That means there is a greater risk of accidents and insurance claims. The insurance companies factor this into the rates for drivers in larger cities. There are 181,626 people living in Tallahassee, which gives it a density of 1,898 residents per square mile.
    • Driving To Work — You can see the logic if insurance providers charge higher rates for drivers that have long commutes during rush hour. You can save if your job lets you avoid this. Drivers in Tallahassee have average commutes of 15-20 minutes. There were 8.1 fatal accidents per 100,000 people reported in 2010.
    • Auto Thefts — Another characteristic of larger cities is that fact that they attract more automobile thieves. While insurance providers charge more because of this fact, you can get insurance discounts by purchasing and installing anti-theft devices. Tallahassee, reported 363 cars stolen during 2011.
    • Education — Insurance providers have found a direct link between losses and education levels. The higher your education level, the better rates you will be quoted. There is also a link between the average education levels in the cities where you have your coverage. Tallahassee residents report an average of 60% having a bachelor’s degree, which is well above the state average of 14%. A high school diploma is held by nearly 17%, well below the state average of 28%.

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