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    Finding cheap auto insurance Tampa is quite difficult and as such it is important that those buying insurance understand the different factors that can change the cost of insurance. There are plenty of different companies that claim to have the cheapest insurance around but when it comes down to brass tacks, they may not have the best insurance. Taking the time to figure out which insurance is going to be best for each driver is the best way to get the coverage you need at a price you like.

    Average Cheap Auto Insurance Tampa Quotes:

    The average cost of insurance for one year in the city of Tampa, FL is about $2,100. The average price of insurance in the state of Florida per year is nearly the same. Though the average for the state and the average for the city of Tampa are nearly the same, the national average is quite a bit lower at about $1,500 per year.

    Cheap Car Insurance in Tampa, Florida Factors:

    There are several factors that can either increase or lower the price of insurance each year and it is important for drivers to keep these factors in mind. Even if drivers live in the best neighborhood in town, if other factors are against them it can increase the cost of insurance per year greatly. Being aware of factors like location, age, education level, and more can help decrease insurance costs greatly.

    • Location– The total population of Hillsborough County where Tampa is located is about 336,820. This large population can cause insurance rates to climb as the more people that live in one area increases the likelihood of accidents that may cause massive damage. The population density is about 3,000 people per square mile which is much larger than many smaller cities.
    • Driving to Work/Commute– the distance that individuals drive to work can also affect the cost of insurance. The longer that drivers spend in the car the higher the risk of accidents becomes. On average residents of Tampa spend about 20 to 25 minutes. The number of fatal accidents per 100,000 is about 12.
    • Auto Thefts– the number of auto thefts in an area can also increase premiums quickly. Per 100,000 incidents reported, about 633 were auto thefts. This high number can cause rates to rise quickly in some areas.
    • Education– the attainment of higher education can also help push rates down. On average about 23% of residents have less than a High School education while about 25% have at least a High School education or the equivalent. In regards to higher education about 7% of residents have at least one year of college while about 12% have more than one year. Around 7% have an associate degree while about 16% have a bachelor degree. Less than 10% of Tampa residents have more than a four year degree.

    Finding the right auto insurance is not as complicated as it may seem. With the help of the internet and the free widget below users can find insurance quickly. Finding affordable Florida car insurance quotes just go a whole lot easier.

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